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Creamy spinach in zucchini

The no time to cook book, 80pp. edited by Sheryl Eastwood JB Fairfax Press, Rushcutters Bay, New South Wales, 1989 Cooking on page 32 These days I have plenty of time to cook, but I bought this many years ago … Continue reading

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Creamed carrot

The best of TV cookery, 144pp. by various famous English chefs from various TV shows and cookbooks Cooking on page 32 No idea how I came to own this cookbook, but is does showcase recipes from 22 different, famous chefs … Continue reading

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Roast pumpkin and feta bruschetta

Shared plates, 192pp. by The Australian Women’s Weekly Bauer Media Books, Sydney, 2015 Cooking on page 32 The Australian Women’s Weekly magazine now comes out monthly, but it churns out new cookbooks all the time. This one is a lead … Continue reading

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Spaghetti with feta

The vegetarian gourmet, 128pp. by Roz Denny Ultimate Editions, London, 1995 Cooking on page 32 According to the pencilled price on the inside front cover, I bought this secondhand for $4. At first I thought it was based on recipes … Continue reading

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Stilton, walnuts and dried fruit cheese plate

Cheese: a collection of sweet and savory recipes for every course, 224pp. by Georgeanne Brennan New Holland Publishers (Australia), Sydney, 2011 Cooking on pages 32–33 We are a family of cheese lovers, so I couldn’t resist buying this book. Luckily … Continue reading

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Sardines on toast

Gran’s family table, 209pp. by Natalie Oldfield HarperCollinsPublishers (New Zealand), Auckland, 2011 Cooking on pages 32–33 This is the second time I have cooked a page-32 recipe from one of Natalie Oldfield’s books. The first one was for muffins. Oldfield … Continue reading

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Penne carbonara

  Commonsense: quick and easy meals, 384pp. no author named Murdoch Books, Millers Point, NSW, Australia, 2010 Cooking on page 32 Publishers can be a bit sneaky. I ended up with two copies of this book. They had totally different … Continue reading

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