Orecchiette with tomato, corn and bacon

corn and pasta

Pasta rustica, 144pp.
by Loukie Werle
Pennypig, Double Bay, NSW, 2012
Cooking on page 32

We’ve just had Ralph, a 15-year-old French exchange student, staying with us for the three months before we headed to India.

It was a complete pleasure to have him, but do you have any idea how much a 6’2″ sporty boy eats? I had forgotten, but at least he loved pasta. A 500-gram serving of pasta went some way to filling him up. Obviously, I checked this out of the library for some inspiration.

Loukie Werle is an award-winning food writer and also author of Italian country cooking.

pasta with corn and bacon

Orecchiette with tomato, corn and bacon

500g short dried pasta, such as orecchiette or penne
2 tablespoons red wine vinegar
½ cup (125ml) extra virgin olive oil
½ cup finely shredded fresh basil leaves, plus extra basil leaves for the top
2 punnets cherry tomatoes, halved
3 corn cobs, lightly cooked, kernels removed
6 green onions, cut diagonally into 1 cm pieces
4 rashers bacon, grilled until crisp and crumbled

cherry tomatoes and green onions frying bacon ingredients for pasta making dressing for pasta

Cook the pasta in plenty of salted, boiling water until just al dente. Drain and rinse briefly under cold water. Drain again and set aside in a large bowl.

Combine the vinegar in a bowl with a good pinch of salt and whisk until the salt has dissolved. Add the oil gradually, whisking constantly, until the mixture has thickened. Stir in the basil.

Add the tomatoes, corn and green onions to the pasta, pour over the dressing and toss well. Scatter with bacon and extra basil leaves, and serve immediately.

Serves 8.

How it played out
There was no reason to change a thing, so I made as written. I even made a special trip to a supermarket that I thought would sell orecchiette. It’s not a very common pasta here. Luckily the supermarket had it on hand.

I used grape tomatoes and short-cut bacon, both of  which I had on hand. Australia’s short-cut bacon looks rather like Canadian bacon and is very lean. By the way, in Australia a punnet of cherry tomatoes weighs 250 grams (or about 8 ounces).

Oh wow! This makes a delicious pasta dish. I thought 1/4 cup of oil would be too much, but the balance of flavours was perfect.

And don’t believe the suggestion that this recipe can feed 8 people. It fed three adults and Ralph, who polished off the rest with a big smile on his face. He loved it lots and I bet he’ll make it at home.

Pasta Rustica cookbook

We’re travelling in India—mostly visiting wildlife parks—until the end of November. Whenever possible, I’ll be posting page-32 recipes that I made before we headed out.

If you like Indian food as well as fish, check out this amazing recipe. It is so good that it ended my search for the perfect fish curry.


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12 Responses to Orecchiette with tomato, corn and bacon

  1. I have always wanted a fantastic pasta salad, and this one really seems amazing. I love bacon and corn, so it is a winner already. We are going into summer here in South Africa, so this is going to be perfect. Thanks Peggy 🙂

  2. You say pasta 😀
    I’ll answer, here I am!

  3. Laurie says:

    This looks and sounds wonderful. I’ll have to substitute the bacon with ham or Canadian bacon, I think. American bacon is very fatty and what you’ve used looks nice and lean.

  4. Always good to know what will feed a hungry teenager. LOL.

  5. sepultura13 says:

    This dish looks delish…and is definitely perfect for the active athlete of any age!

    My brothers and myself were all in sports in high school…I’m amazed that mom could keep the refrigerator and cupboards well-stocked!

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