Stir-fried beans and capsicum with anchovies

Family food cookbook

Family food, 148pp.
by Gabriel Gaté
Anne O’Donovan, South Yarra, Victoria, 1987
Cooking on page 32

This book has been reprinted 10 times, and my copy (which cost just $1 from an charity shop) is from 1992. It’s a great collection of 150 recipes that comply with recommendations from Australia’s Anti-Cancer Council. In fact, the council asked Gaté to write the book.

This week, news media reported the links between cancer and processed meats. This cookbook, first published almost 30 years ago, has an introductory section on healthy eating. Some of the things it advocates include high-fibre foods, low dietary fat and the need to ‘limit our intake of salt-cured, smoked and nitrite-cured foods’. That advice was based on results from studies carried out in China, Japan and Iceland.

So let’s see what’s on page 32.

bean dish with anchovies

Stir-fried beans and capsicum with anchovies

500 g beans (preferably small ones)
2 red capsicums
1 clove garlic
2 anchovy fillets (or more if you like)
1 tbsp olive oil

cut beans and capsicums mashed anchovies beans and capsicums

Wash beams/ Top and tail by had, removing any strings at the same time. Leave young beans whole and cut large ones diagonally into several pieces.

Halve, seed and wash capsicums and slice finely. Chop garlic and anchovies.

Heat oil it a hot wok and stir-fry beans and capsicums until just cooked (takes only a few minutes). Add garlic and anchovies, stir briefly and serve.

How it played out
Such an easy recipe, what was I do but to follow instructions? But of course, I didn’t quite.

I trimmed the beans with a knife (instead of by hand) and didn’t cut them in pieces on the diagonal. Can’t imagine this affected the taste.

Oh, and I used a lemon-infused olive oil, added two extra anchovies to the dish itself and used two more for garnish, which I’m sure did affect the taste. 🙂

Totally delicious and with just the right amount of crunch. I think I’ll add a couple of anchovies to more vegetable dishes.

Travel and markets
If you love vegetables, check out some of the goodies we saw at the main market in Montreal.


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6 Responses to Stir-fried beans and capsicum with anchovies

  1. Agree! Anchovies should be added much more often!

  2. Sheryl says:

    A cookbook that has been reprinted 10 times has got to be a good cookbook–and the recipe on page 32 confirms it. In my opinion, easy recipes are often the tastiest.

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