Guacamole dip

Husband pleasin' cookbookHusband pleasin’ cookbook, 112pp.
by the Rockwell Ladies Association
Cookbook Publishers, 1980
Cooking on page 32

Rockwell International was a major manufacturing conglomerate and a big employer in the community of Kearney, Nebraska, until it closed in 1985.

I guess it’s not surprising that the wives got together to create a cookbook. But I bet they’d have to use a different title if they compiled it today.

Addie Helm contributed this recipe.


Guacamole dip

2 avocados
dash of salt and pepper
pinch of parsley
1/4 tsp. garlic
1/2 chopped onion
1/2 jalapeno green pepper
1/2 real lemon
2 Tbsp. tomato juice
1/2 tsp. chili powder

Stir well, Refrigerate. Serve with chips.

How it played out
I collected this recipe in Nebraska, but didn’t get around to making it until I got to my cousin Jean’s home in Minnesota. A food processor makes it quick and super easy to make.

We served it with corn chips as a starter for a family dinner that featured several page-32 recipes, including Andy Griffith’s favorite roast lambthree-bean salad, scallops à la Jimmy and deep chocolate cake (Jean’s mum’s recipe). Stay tuned for the last two to be posted.

A great version of guacamole. The jalapeno and chili powder give it a nice heat, without it being over the top. But the biggest bonus was the chance to cook with Jean. We such had such a great time in her kitchen. Here she is having fun earlier in the day.


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4 Responses to Guacamole dip

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  2. Is this the INFAMOUS guacamole dip we thoroughly enjoyed while visiting you?
    Love family recipes and being able to cook with friends too! Cheers! Joanne
    Updating FB page now too
    Hope today is a great day for Poor John and you!

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