Avocado lime cream dip

Canapes, 168pp.
by Eric Treuille and Victoria Blashford-Snell
Dorling Kindersley, London, 1999
Cooking on page 32

I love dips, nibbles and snacks, so was delighted to find this book on Kate’s kitchen bookshelf when we stayed with her in Perth. Imagine a whole book of appetisers. Yummo!

These sorts of goodies are a major part of my repertoire. At least once a week, I make at least two dips to share with friends. These get taken to Friday drinks at work, and served with chips, veggie sticks and focaccia.

Page 32 has four tempting recipes, and I’m sharing the one for which we had the ingredients. Stay tuned for more from this page.

Recipe—Avocado lime cream dip

2 medium avocados
4 spring onions, chopped
2 green chillies, seeded and finely chopped
15g (1/2oz) coriander
juice of 2 limes
1 tbsp olive oil
150ml (5floz) sour cream

Place avocado, spring onions, chillies, coriander, lime, olive oil and sour cream in a food processor or blender; pulse until smooth. Add salt to taste. Cover and refrigerate for 30 minutes to allow the flavours to blend. Serve chilled with dippers.

Cook’s note: To prevent the avocado cream dip from discolouring, make sure to cover the dip with cling film, and press the film against the dip.

How it played out
Tasty and easy dip. Made as written (using not-so-hot long green chillies) and enjoyed over a couple of nights.

The folks at Friday night drinks will love this the next time avocados are on special.


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4 Responses to Avocado lime cream dip

  1. Hi, Peggy. Just a random quick note to say that I’m really enjoying going through the archives on this blog. I believe I’ve read everything on your travel blog, which left me feeling a little blue because I had a swell time going through THAT backlog. And then it hit me that I never did check out your recipe blog, so here I am. These posts are really engaging and I love the little “stories” that you work into them. Anyway, I’m starting to babble now, just wanted to say hey… 😉

    • leggypeggy says:

      Oh Brian, aren’t you a saint. How wonderful of you to cruise back through all the page 32s I’ve made so far. You can babble here anytime. Do you have a request for any special ingredients? I’ll see if I can find a page 32 that fits the bill.

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